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  "Walk every day, not afraid of thousands of miles;

  Do every day, not afraid of thousands of matters."

  All colleagues of BOSOM make a team, work together to build a "customer-centric" technology-based enterprise externally, and strive to establish and optimize a "customer-centric" process-oriented organization internally.

  Closely stay around the customer requirements of the target industry segments, continue to improve the industry solutions, to solve the customer pain points. Improve product quality and reliability, reduce waste, improve efficiency, increase income, give better and quicker service to customers.

  We work together to consistently improve the sense of fulfillment and happiness of our colleagues, and we do our best to ensure the logistics.

  Industrial people, BOSOM are always running on the road to the higher mountains with you all.

  The following article is from the public account of Wechat "湾沚发布".

  The development of the enterprise cannot be separated from the hard work of the employees, and the employees' recognition of the enterprise will help the enterprise to develop better. BOSOM New Material Technology (Wuhu) Co., LTD., which settled in the Development Zone, is an enterprise that integrates humanistic care into the whole development process, creating a warm and comfortable working environment for employees.


  Outside the window, the sun was scorching and the air was cool. Modern tables and chairs, small and practical coffee machine, water dispenser, refrigerator, microwave oven, etc. A wide variety of drinks, snacks; Fresh seasonal fruit... This is not a restaurant, but a company tea room. Although the area of this tea room is not large, it can meet most of the needs of employees after rest, and it is free for employees 24 hours. The person in charge of the scene told reporters that the company has two such tea rooms, equipped with the same, arranged a person responsible for the expenditure of only one day needs 600 yuan, and these costs are borne by the company. 

Working here, the working environment and atmosphere are very good, and colleagues get along well with each other. I have a sense of belonging." Hong Meijuan said. A warm tea room not only brings warmth to employees, but also adds a little taste of home to the busy work every day and improves the happiness of employees.


  The tea room is the embodiment of the humanization of the company, the demonstration of the soft power of the enterprise, and also the place where employees can get the sense of belonging and team identity. Similarly, a book bar is an expression of a company's soft power. At 3 o 'clock in the afternoon, Gao Qiang, the assistant of manufacturing manager of the company, hurried to the book bar. He looked through the books here, and some times he copied down the contents of the book. Gao, who is from Fuyang and entered BOSOM in 2020, he majored in polymer, he give full of praise about the company's benefits and working environment. He likes reading at ordinary times and needs professional, so he became a regular customer of the book bar, especially the professional books that fit with his work are helpful to him. The book bar in front of the press has more than 600 volumes of various types of books, which are also updated from time to time according to actual needs. In order to encourage employees to read and improve themselves, the company provides that all books can be borrowed after registration. "The company attaches great importance to the development of front-line employees, the company welfare and working environment are all in line with my development expectations. I am a stranger, but I feel comfortable working here. Gao Qiang said.


  BOSOM New MaterialS Technology (Wuhu) Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise located in the park, which is specialized in the research and development, production and sales of high-performance modified engineering plastics and special engineering plastics. "To realize the vision of the company mainly depends on people, so the company has established a good humanistic mechanism and a good working environment, so that employees can work here comfortably and give full play to their abilities." Company leader Liu Lijun said. As mentioned by Liu Liyun, the company will provide training, team building and other activities to help employees improve their working ability and enthusiasm according to the practical situation of caring for employees. Carry out activities such as holiday sympathy, staff physical examination and collective birthday party to give staff care outside of work. Through a series of measures, the original intention of doing good things for employees and doing practical things is fully implemented, which not only provides a good working environment, but also increases the communication and exchange among employees and further enhances the sense of belonging of employees.