INTERPLEX & BOSOM formally reached a strategic cooperation

Release time:2022/07/30 Publisher:

On July 29, 2022, INTERPLEX&BOSOM officially launched and signed a strategic cooperation at 2022 Annual Supplier Conference of Interlex.

Liu Xiaojin, general manager of Interplex, Yuan Guoan, senior manager of supply chain, Ye Meifang, director of quality Assurance Department, lit the light of strategic cooperation together with Zhou Yongsong, chairman and general manager of BOSOM.


As a multinational company with a leading position in the industrial technology fields of precision mold manufacturing, precision injection molding and embedded injection molding assembly, it’s main customers are Fortune 500.

Manager Liu Xiaojin of Interplex said: As we all know, the procurement of modified engineering plastics materials in 2021 is facing great challenges, not only the high price, but also the phenomenon that it is difficult to buy. The rise of domestic modified engineering plastics is an inevitable trend. As the first domestic strategic supplier of Interplex in the field of high-performance modified engineering plastics, BOSOM has gathered professionals and complete verification equipment, which is an important milestone on the road to localization of Interplex. It is a symbiotic relationship between Interplex and BOSOM and other suppliers. We hope that we can cooperate with each other, complement each other's advantages and achieve win-win results in the future.


Zhou Yongsong, chairman of BOSOM, as a representative of the supplier, he said: it is a great honor for BOSOM to become a strategic supplier of Interplex after the international chemical giant, and we are very grateful for the recognition of Interplex. BOSOM will try our best to learn from the outstanding predecessors at home and abroad. Moreover, BOSOM will try our best to make full use of its advantages such as short distance, quick response, full service cycle, we'll strive to provide new materials and solutions with better price, faster response and more thoughtful service for Interplex.


The conclusion of this strategic cooperation marks that the cooperation between Interplex and BOSOM has entered a period of rapid growth. Both parties will devote themselves to creating products with better quality, better price, higher efficiency and much innovation products by using their own advantages and resources, as well as industrial logic and accurate data.